About Our Coaching and Consulting Services
Larry G. Stambaugh, Principal,
Apercu Partners, San Diego, CA

Our principles and processes
are simple and intuitive.
They bring peace and inspire. They bring results.
Significant results. Long-lasting results.

Most of what we have been taught about achieving success, in our lives and our organizations, involves changing our behavior and performance. Extraordinary performance begins with our thoughts—our focus and mindset, our passion and purpose, our beliefs and attitude.

Think about it. How do your thoughts rule your world? Do they produce significant results, or do they prevent you from experiencing your full potential?

The "Are You Living the Life You Intend® Coaching Program serves as a trusted guide, mentor, and mirror as you expand your self-awareness, and shape your thoughts to accomplish, and be, what is significant and of value to you.

I can assist you with any aspect of your thinking and being—your life, relationships, family, career. Your role at work, your company, or department. Your vacation, a project, a process, an opportunity, or problem. A goal, strategy, or even a telephone call.

This isn’t therapy. I believe you come to us whole, complete, and resourceful. I listen. I ask questions. And I help you:

  • Gain clarity.
  • Discover what you truly want, what truly matters to you
  • Uncover and release thoughts that are not working for you.
  • Develop thoughts and practices to achieve and sustain what you truly want in work and life.
  • Choose your intentions and shape your thoughts to create inspired and actionable items.
  • Achieve a job well done and a life well lived.

No two coaching sessions are alike. You are unique. Your experiences are unique. And everything about you is constantly changing.

With your help, I design and deliver learning experiences that produce measured results for you.

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