About Managing Thought® Keynotes & Workshops


Everything we say, everything we do,
and everything we create
first begins in thought.


Managing Thought inspires audiences to take a journey. One that changes their way of life and the way they conduct business. The results, both personally and professionally are significant.

Audiences of executives, management teams, front-line employees, professionals, teachers, students, families, couples, teens and special interest groups in the USA and Canada, through Managing Thought keynote presentations, have transformed their negative disempowering unmotivated thoughts to empowering and inspired thinking tools to achieve what is significant and of value to them.

These aren’t rah-rah motivational talks that wear off after a few days. Managing Thought creates a lasting impact on individuals and organizations.

Managing Thought blends the wisdom of ancient traditions and the emerging science of the brain to show that we truly can manage our thoughts and achieve success in everything we say and do at work and in life.

A customized keynote or one-day workshop on Managing Thought is the perfect way to begin a conference, retreat, strategic planning or team-building session. A powerful experience, participants learn how thoughts significantly impact their success and the success of others. They learn practical and critical skills that they can put to use immediately to access the power of thought and change the way they choose to think, leading to highly productive interaction in the days following.

Customized two-day programs build upon the insights and skills gained during the one-day workshop. Participants have the opportunity to practice life-changing skills to evaluate and shape the thoughts they have right now. They can, individually or as a team, couple or family, develop a strategic or personal plan to create change at work and at home.

Before your event, we help you clarify the ideal outcomes for your group. We make sure to address the thoughts that may be at the root of the challenges they face and thoughts that help them discover and achieve what is truly significant and of value to them, and to the organization.

To get started, we’d like to learn about you, your organization and your proposed event. To complete and submit your information, click the Getting Started Form link below. Upon receipt, we review the information and contact you to begin arrangements for your event.

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Managing Thought® Program Descriptions

Mary Lore shows how one word of a thought can extinguish creativity or ignite it in her TEDx talk Words Matter.

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