Managing Thought® Digital Download Trio

If purchasing as a gift, you can print the dust jackets by clicking here.

This digital download bundle includes:

  • A digital audio download of the complete multiple award-winning book, read by Mary, with a professional narrator telling the stories and reading the quotes at the beginning of each chapter. Hailed by business leaders, spiritual teachers, educators, and medical professionals around the world, this timeless guide provides a practical, systematic approach to self-awareness and thought management. This digital audio book includes eye-opening and energizing self-awareness exercises, targeted thought techniques, and real-world applications to help you shift your perspective on your career, your relationships, and your life. It also includes Special Features that gather all of the quotes, stories, Rules of Thumb, Just One Things to Practice, Powerful Questions, and Powerful Statements from throughout the book for your convenience to refer to again and again.
  • The digital video version of the full 3-hour workshop presented by Mary to business leaders and management teams at the first stop on her ongoing workshop and book signing tour. Filmed live, Mary shares how to be aware of your thoughts, how to know if a thoughts is working for you or against, and how to make subtle changes to thoughts you think everyday that are not working for you so that you can access your highest awareness, be creative, expansive, inspired and impactful in everything you do. Includes eye-opening activities and exercises and links to download PDFs of the workshop handout materials.
  • A digital audio download of the brand new Thankfulness Companion Guide read by Mary plus the entire guide in a printable PDF format. This timeless guide includes a toolkit with real-world applications and dozens of personal practices and rituals. Group exercises and activities, with detailed facilitation instructions for couples, families, teams, and organizations, are also included. Choose what appeals to you at whatever level and frequency feels comfortable. (Adobe® Reader® is required to view and print the PDF file and can be downloaded for free at