Success Stories

On Raising Money for a Not-For-Profit
Managing my thoughts has truly enhanced my life. I used to tell myself that I could not possibly ask people for money. I could give you all the variations on this theme, however those are old dead branches and suckers I choose not to revisit. During the course of the workshop with you I was able to come up with, "I ask people for money so that they can celebrate in the joy of helping others." This thought took some time for me to actualize. I would do the meditation you offered us and look at my unhealthy thoughts and work on embracing my new ones. The big day came when I found myself in the position to ask someone for a donation to our not for profit organization. Believe me I was practically chanting my new thought before the meeting. I did spend some time role-playing this in my head and on paper before meeting the donor. So, I asked them for 1 million dollars. (Not bad for a first try, huh?) The response I got was, “we were thinking more around the $100,000 range, but if you need $1 million, we will throw a dinner party with our friends to help raise the money." This is just one example of where Managing Thought has improved my life.    
        -Carl Clark, M.D., Denver, CO

Creating Intentions Together as a Couple
My husband Rick and I have already added your "formula" to a weekly ritual that we do. Every Sunday we pick an "angel card" (I'm sure you've seen them) and then become aware/add whatever behavior or principal that word indicates to our lives throughout the week. Yesterday, I chose "discernment" and Rick chose “responsibility".  I suggested that instead of just talking about what those meant with each other, to do the 7 question format - "If I'm being ____ what am I doing?"  Then, of course, reading our answers to each other.  Then we chose the top 2 and decided that during the week we were going to apply the "7" to those as well.  Doing this added so much more to our exchange - AND we had fun (no judgment).   
        -Denise Martin, San Jose, CA

On Dealing with Cancer
In August 2005, after a year of chemical therapy to get a raging prostate under control and downsized enough to give full-on radiation a chance for success, I was scheduled for kick-off surgery. With a PSA off the charts, and a mean Gleason of “9”, I was scared.  After a year of trying to be Attitude Guy, it was on me: I was about to take the step....
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