About Managing Thought

“Great men are they who see…
that thoughts rule the world.”

–Ralph Waldo Emerson

Most of what we have been taught about achieving success in our lives and our organizations involves changing our behavior and performance. However, extraordinary performance also involves our focus and mindset, our passion and purpose. How can we change those? By managing our thoughts.

Managing thought is not a quick fix. It’s a journey, a quest that requires determination and practice. Managing Thought, a service company, helps individuals and organizations develop new ways of thinking to discover and achieve what is truly significant and valuable—in work and in life. Through the Managing Thought® process, individuals and organizations change their way of life and the way they conduct business to achieve happiness and significant results.

Think About It:

  • Everything you say and do begins with a thought.
  • Everything you think is a matter of choice.
  • Your thoughts shape your character, your circumstances
    and success.
  • Nothing you think, say or do is trivial.

Through Managing Thought, we greatly impact our purpose, focus, health and happiness, as well as the success of ourselves, our families and our organizations.

In addition to the multi award-winning book and audio book Managing Thought, the 3-Hour Workshop Live DVD, the How Do Your Thoughts Rule Your World?® Self- Assessment, the Forward Thinking™ Gentle Reminder E-Column, and the Managing Thought Page-A-Day, we also offer Coaching, Keynotes and Workshops, Daily Inspiration, and Mary's personal blog and business blog for professional organizations and personal well being.

Being of highest and best service is our intention so please let us know your suggestions, concerns, and, of course, your success stories. Your honest feedback and thoughtful input is valuable to us.

Practicing Managing Thought is the best gift we can give to ourselves, our families, our organizations, our communities, and to the world. It is our honor and pleasure to help you manage your thoughts, practice self-awareness, be on purpose and change your world.